Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Great news.

After reading more comments from you miserable faggots, I realized how truly glad I am that a wave of watery anguish is flooding out the stank-ass south-east Asian area. For those of you who believe this is some attention-seeking action, I once again bring to the public eye that this is untrue and that I am honestly praying for more such events to occur and wipe out these sub-human pieces of shit who obviously deserved death. I pray for your families to be forever severed.

I dream of the moment when the "victims" look up to see the crashing wave of destruction coming forward, I see the fear in their eyes as they are soon to be drowning and seeing their lives flash before them only to be taken away. I see that and I smile, knowing that these worthless souls were fortunately killed. So, once again, fuck your families. You want to bitch about missing someone or your fears? Fuck you. The tsunami did its best job.

Speaking of which, I am proud to present this news:

The death-toll may yet double. Fuck yeah, faggots.

Praise be to the Tsunami, for the Tsunami is great.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Continued events

I am pleased that my comments have been heard. Reality hurts, people. I don't want to see pictures of your fucked up family and have to read about how sad you are to be missing someone. I am sick and tired of hearing all this sympathy and support crap for these worthless individuals who think they or their loved ones matter.

I mean it when I say that I have more respect and compassion for the earthquake/tsunami than the people. I would love to have a good few videotapes of peoples' entire lives being washed away and wrecked before my eyes. I can't believe you people mindlessly support the victims of what transpired, it's pointless. Fuck. Why not just relax and laugh? Some faggots were owned by a massive tsunami, and we are still okay to sit here at our computers and laugh our asses off at the losers.

You want to criticize me? Fine. I'll hear it. You're faggots for disapproving of what happened, and for disapproving of my realistic pro-tsunami views.

Praise God for striking with such magnificant force. Death to India.
You want me to pray about this? Fuck, I'm praying for more tsunamis. That is all.

Monday, January 03, 2005

World events

People shun this tsunami as though it were a horrible tragedy. I feel differently. Fuck South-east Asia. Fuck India. Fuck Indonesia.

To those people who are currently in a nervous-wreck awaiting to hear that the family member they lost contact with is still alive after being in the vicinity of the tsunami, I sincerely hope that your loved one is now dead and washed away from the brutal force of the tsunami. I hope their last moment of life was filled with fear as they realized their continued existence would soon be terminated by my favourite natural force, the tsunami.

Cut the shit. I don't care about heart-broken families. I want to see more support of mother Nature here. She obviously wanted those Asian faggots dead, and so do I.

- The Tsunami Sympathizer